How to Remove Write Protection from USB Drives & SD Cards


In 2017, with the release of iOS 11, Apple made HEIF the default photo storage format for iOS devices. With this change, iPhones and iPads began saving users’ photos as HEIC files. To provide a better image quality, Apple has come up with this unique format called HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Container). IOS 11 or later version devices will capture and save images in HEIC format by default. This particular format is not compatible with most other devices.

Thesrec_cat command is very powerful, due to the ability to combine the the input filters in almost unlimited ways. To generate more than ten new fields, consider splitting multiple times. You can use split again on a field from the first split that still includes multiple pieces of information. The new fields generated by the custom split always result in a string data type. Web authoring doesn’t support splitting from a menu.

Instead of individual files scattered across the drive, one merged file in a single folder uses less space. You can also compress merged files to save even more drive space. By saving all files in PDF format and merging where appropriate, you can eliminate the common and frustrating problem of file incompatibility. In many cases, depending on the data you’re storing, you can reduce a multi-tiered document tree to top-level folders containing one or more merged files. You’ll never misplace contracts, briefs, invoices, image files or any other individual documents you need for a project when they’re in the same file in the project folder. If you have dozens of files that pertain to a specific project, for instance, and you merge them into one file, they can’t be scattered.

How to zip and unzip files on Windows 10 or Windows 11

Through this software, you can merge as well as split PDF files. Before merging PDF files, you can set the order of PDF files, add footnotes, and page numbers to PDF files. After specifying all the necessary parameters, you can start the PDF merge process. Selecting multiple files is allowed, but doing so will open the Stapler wizard in order to combine the new files into a single PDF. If that is desirable, hold down CTRL or SHIFT while selecting the new files. Click OK and the new files are added to the Stapler job to be combined into a single PDF.

  • See all settings under the analysis category for more details.
  • When using the asset store plugin you need to call that plugin from the first scene .
  • The next read or write will take place from this location.
  • Knowing the causes behind why Windows can’t delete folder errors isn’t enough.

Then, locate the Combine Files tool and select Open. Thankfully, Apple has a PDF combiner built right into macOS, and while Windows doesn’t have anything similar, there are some workarounds you can try. Michelle Rae Uy is the Buying Guides Editor here at TechRadar. She’s a Los Angeles-based tech, travel and lifestyle writer covering a wide range of topics, from computing to the latest in green commutes to the best hiking trails.


Of course, you can also use Adobe’s free online tool, though you will need to have an Adobe account and have to be signed in to use it. Adobe’s free tool also sometimes returns errors, though this happens pretty rarely. It may be a good idea to try a bunch of the tools available to find the one you prefer.

A hex editor or viewer may be used to view file data as a sequence of hexadecimal values for corresponding bytes of a binary file. To split it into 5 files of 1GB each, you can use the split command followed by the -b flag and the splitted files size you want. The G defining the size unit for GB can be replaced by M for megabytes or B for bytes.

It has a simple commandline interface for input and uses the same engine as the PDF Split and Merge already mentioned. Is there a painless way to combine/merge PDF files in Windows? The merged PDF file, combinepdf.pdf, downloads to your computer. The files are combined in the order in which you select and upload each file. Select Add Files to add as many files as you would like. Select Add Open Files to include documents you’re currently viewing.